RQA Group has been advising food & drink industry clients on food safety, product recall, crisis management, and business continuity since we were founded in 1997. Our expert consultants have a wealth of experience and knowledge gained from their own experience in industry, and from advising and training RQA’s food and drink clients. This includes assisting in well over 1500 live product incidents.

Everything we do centres around helping our clients avoid, prepare, handle and recover from product recalls. This includes developing product recall plans, training crisis teams and putting them to the test with a realistic and challenging simulation exercise. Of course, in helping clients to avoid a product recall, we assist with their food safety, food defence, food fraud and supply chain risk management too, through our range of training, auditing or consultancy services.

If you are concerned about the risks of Food Fraud or Food Integrity in your business visit our stand to discuss how we can help.

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