Xpectrum uses NIR spectroscopy to increase safety, quality and authenticity in food and retail.

Today’s method of testing and controlling samples / incoming goods for eg a retailer is by sending them to a lab. More often than not there is no legal obligation to do so and only a limited set of random samples are being sent to a lab (15 – 20). Getting a result takes 2 – 3 days and by then your product is already at your customer.

Xpectrum’s starting point is therefore that incoming goods should be examined
• On a more frequent basis then legally required
• With an immediate result, so one can intervene on the spot and prevent recalls and bad publicity
• At a lower cost compared to lab analysis
• Non disruptive
Xpectrum uses spectroscopy to achieve these goals. We have created an application that is hardware independent. Our application is also very intuitive, which results in blue collar workers using it at reception of incoming goods. The advanced version of our application is most likely to be used by people from the quality department.
Our models are stored in the cloud. This way you always have the newest model at hand when scanning goods. Also very interesting when you have more than 1 location. Thanks to our versioning you can always go back to earlier models.
The R&D module of our application enables our customers to create their own models via data collection and our automated model generator