Xpectrum uses NIR spectroscopy to increase safety, quality and authenticity in food and retail.

Today, we know that most products are not verified regularly for a number of reasons. It’s too expensive, too time consuming, it takes too long to get your results or we assume that the instance before us in the food chain has done all verifications. Given the large amount of food products traded every day, it is impossible to increase the quality checks in a scalable manner with the current approaches.

We want to provide the tools to verify incoming goods at low cost, with an immediate result, even on a daily basis.
Xpectrum uses spectroscopy to achieve these goals. Our hardware independent application is very intuitive. Typically, blue collar workers use it during reception of incoming goods.

Thanks to the Xpectrum dashboard, the quality department can easily follow up on all the scans that have been done, view the results and pinpoint potential products at risk. They can even create new business cases and assign them to employees via the user management module.

Our cloud stored models are always available. If you scan from 1 or multiple location, the latest model is always within reach!

W: www.xpectrum.eu