National Centre for Food Manufacturing, University of Lincoln

Wayne Martindale, Associate Professor, Food Insights and Sustainability

Since 2018, Wayne has brought over 20 years’ experience into leading the Food Insights and Sustainability Research Group at the National Centre for Food Manufacturing. The food innovation folio he leads delivers applied research with manufacturers and technology integrators. Wayne’s post-doctoral biotechnology research was completed in the mid 1990’s at the University of Florida and Rothamsted. Following this he entered commercial research with Levington Agriculture leading technical communications. He has since worked at the Australian Government’s science agency- CSIRO, the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre and the OECD leading research applied to the traceability of fuels, feeds and foods. He is known for the use of geo-intelligence and digital solutions that take traditional consumer insights much further. His career began as a BTEC apprentice with British Sugar plc, Bush Boake Allen Group and Ford Motor Company in the 1980's. He obtained his doctorate in biochemistry in 1993 at the University of Sheffield.