SILVER SPONSOR Eurofins Food & Genomics

Eurofins offers a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art analytical techniques to support our customers in establishing the safety, composition, authenticity and origin of our food. Each facility is supported by Eurofins global network of laboratories and Competence Centres.

We offer accredited testing for nutritional content and additives, food and water microbiology, contaminants and residues, allergens, authenticity and speciation, food and water chemistry, vitamins and minerals, mycotoxins and inorganics.

Our in-house web based client interface is a flexible system offering functionality to support the entire product approval and launch process plus ongoing product and supplier surveillance programmes.

Eurofins can deliver a full range of analysis and expertise through any one of its laboratories, contact your local team to find out more.

Today the Eurofins Group is a leading provider of analytical services with:

  • an international network of more than 650 laboratories across 45 countries in Europe, North and South America and Asia-Pacific
  • over 45,000 staff
  • a portfolio of over 200,000 analytical methods
  • more than 400 million tests performed each year.

Eurofins Genomics, a member of the Eurofins Group with facilities in Europe, the United States and Asia, is an internationally leading provider of DNA sequencing services, NGS (next generation sequencing) services, genotyping services, DNA synthesis products and bioinformatics services for pharma, diagnostics, food, agriculture, biotechnological and research markets. For further information on Genomic testing capabilities, please visit our website at  You can visit us at the conference to talk more about meat traceability, pathogen or contamination traceability as well as Cannabis testing services using DNA.

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