Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI)

Prof. Huub Lelieveld, President

Prof. Dr. h.c. H.L.M. (Huub) Lelieveld is President of the Global Harmonization Initiative and fellow of the International Academy of Food Science and Technology. He editor or co-editor of numerous books, including “Hygiene in food processing”, the “Handbook of hygiene control in the food industry”, “Food preservation by pulsed electric fields”, “Ensuring Global Food Safety: Exploring Global Harmonization”, “Regulating Safety of Traditional and Ethnic Foods”, “Hygienic design of food factories”, ”Food safety management: a practical guide for the food industry” and “High Pressure Processing of Food – Principles, Technology and Applications”. He wrote chapters for many books and encyclopaedia, hundreds of scientific articles and articles for magazines and presented hundreds of papers, globally.
He has been awarded doctor honoris causa at the National University of Food Technologies in Kiev, Ukraine and has got several other awards in Europe and the USA.