Nestlé S.A.

Benjamin Diep, Food Safety Microbiologist

Benjamin has spent more than 20 years in food industry focusing on Food Safety and Quality. He is currently working as a scientist at Nestlé Research in Lausanne, Switzerland. His field of expertise comprises methods development and validation (cultural and molecular based methods) for food pathogens and hygiene indicators. He is involved or lead several Nestlé research projects. He recently published a manuscript on the use of a microarray method and Whole Genome Sequencing data to predict Salmonella serovars (Frontiers in Microbiology) and on the validation of commercial sterility testing methods (Food Control). He also works with operation where he provides technical support to improve the laboratories competency. He is a member of ISO 16140 WG and the co-project leader of the ISO 16140 part 3. He is also a technical reviewer for MicroVal.