Dr. Ignazio Garaguso, Regional Segment Leader LCMS, EMEAI

Dr. Ignazio Garaguso is a biochemist by training, he received his doctorate at Leibniz University of Hanover and published several papers and book chapters in the field of proteomics, lung cancer, recombinant vaccines and DNA adducts. Ignazio’s main areas of expertise are chromatography (GC,LC ,TLC), mass spectrometry (MALDI-Tof,ESI-QTof, -ion trap and -TQ ) protein expression and analysis, reverse vaccinology, bio-molecules analysis and analytical methods development.
Ignazio has progressed throughout in his career as a scientist in both academic and industrial environments, at The University of Siena, Chiron Vaccines, Fraunhofer Institute and Hannover Medical School. After starting an MBA at Bremen University of Applied Sciences he served for several years as product specialist for LC-MS and later as Business Development Manager for EMEA and India. In his current role at PerkinElmer as Business Segment Leader, Ignazio is responsible for the LC-MS business in EMEAI.